Sunday, January 30, 2011

Venue: Wankhede Cricket Stadium Mumbai

Location: D Road, Churchgate, Mumbai
Established: 1974
Seating Capacity: 45,000
Floodlights: Yes
End Names: Garware Pavilion End, Tata End
Home Team: Mumbai
Owner: Mumbai Cricket Association
First Test: India vs. West Indies - Jan 23-29, 1975
First ODI: India vs. Sri Lanka - Jan 17, 1987

One of the two major cricket grounds in the city of Mumbai, Wankhede stadium was established in 1974, in a record time of 6 months. It is barely a few kilometers away from Brabourne stadium, the next cricketing venue in Mumbai. Before the establishment of Wankhede stadium, Brabourne stadium used to host all the Test matches allocated to Mumbai. The Bombay Cricket Association had a dispute with the authorities (the Cricket Club of India) of Brabourne stadium. Consequently, it decided to build its own stadium, which is now called Wankhede stadium. In the present time, Wankhede stadium is the venue for a number of important Test and ODI matches. Read on to know more about the stadium.

Wankhede stadium has been hosting international cricket matches since 1975, the first being the Test in the 1974-75 season, when the West Indies toured India. Since then, it has taken over from Brabourne as the main cricketing venue in the city. In 1995, Wankhade stadium underwent an up-gradation drive, during which, floodlights were installed to provide excellent lighting for the day and night cricket matches hosted by it. The stadium holds a special place, because no other India cricketing venues have produced as many legendary cricketers as the Wankhede stadium has.

When it comes to test matches, the Wankhede generally offers assistance to swing bowlers, during the early part of each day. However, as the Test match progresses, precisely during the fifth day of the match, the stadium becomes a vicious turner, making a fourth innings run-chase extremely difficult for a team. This is probably because of its proximity to the sea. The pitch is largely a spinner and pace friendly track. It offers spin and bounce to spin bowlers and swing to fast bowlers during the day time. This makes the matches more challenging for the team, which is on a run chase. This is the reason why some of the stadium has witnessed some of the most incredible Test innings in the history of cricket. Currently, the stadium is home to IPL team Mumbai Indians.


    * The highest Test total at the Stadium is 604/6 declared by the West Indies against India in the 1974/75 season.
    * The lowest Test total at the Stadium is 93, scored by Australia, when it played against India in the 2004/05 season.
    * India scored the highest ODI total at the Stadium. The team scored 299/4 against Sri Lanka in the 1986/1987 season.
    * Bangladesh scored the lowest ODI total at the Stadium. The team was 115 all out, when it competed with India in the 1998 season.
    * Ravi Shastri's six sixes in an over off Baroda's Tilak Raj en route to the fastest double-hundred in first-class cricket was on this ground in 1984-85.
    * The highest partnership scored at the Wankhede stadium is 298. D.B. Vengsarkar and R.J. Shastri partnered to put the score on the board, for India against Australia in the 1986-87 season.


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